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An internet search now reveals dozens of attorneys who claim to specialize in mass torts matters and whom practice in Sonoma County. A search of the fine print or a visit to the "office" may reveal that the attorney maintains an ‘office’ in Santa Rosa which is visited on occasion from an attorney located elsewhere in the State or the Country. Many of the attorneys advertising their practice for fire victims are not local and will be gone as soon as they arrived. We are also seeing lawyers who had nothing to do with mass torts two months ago now hawking their wares as ‘experts’.

Sonoma County Fires Rebuild & Recover Video Series is running a video series (Sonoma County Fires Rebuild & Recover Videos) to help the residents of Sonoma County who lost their homes in the fires. Helpful and informative videos will be added weekly so check back often for some very important information all residents should be aware of.

Sonoma County Fires & PG&E Investigation News & Updates will have the latest news and updates related to the Sonoma County fires as well as all the latest news and updates regarding CPUC investigation into PG&E here.

Evidence Mounts Against PG & E In Wine County Fires

November 1, 2017
As we have suspected from the very beginning of these fires, evidence is beginning to mount regarding PG&E’s possible role in the horribly destructive Wine Country fires.

CPUC Launches Formal Investigation Into PG&E

Cal Fire and the California Public Utilities Commission have launched formal investigations into whether PG&E caused the fires that have ravaged Sonoma County and surrounding areas.

PGE citations

While no one yet knows what caused the North Bay fires, we believe that it’s significant that both Cal Fire and the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) have launched investigations into whether PG&E might have been responsible.

PG&E has led an effort to delay a project to map out the locations of power lines

The San Jose Mercury News has just published an investigative report that casts even greater suspicion on PG&E’s possible responsibility for the Sonoma County wildfires.

Santa Rosa Attorney: Ben Adams

Santa Rosa attorney Ben Adams was voted the "Best Criminal Lawyer” in Sonoma County for 2017 by the readers of the Bohemian.  Ben does criminal defense cases because he believes that the highest calling of a lawyer is to represent ordinary people against much larger foes.  Besides criminal defense, he is actively involved in the firm’s personal injury, wrongful death, nursing home abuse and mass tort cases.  His primary focus at the current time is meeting with fire survivors from the wildfire that recently devastated Sonoma County.

Ben is a lawyer who speaks plainly and directly.  He understands that the average person, when charged with a crime or injured due to the negligence of another, needs a lawyer who can communicate clearly and fairly with them.

Santa Rosa Personal Injury & Wrongful Death Attorney: Jeremy Fietz

Jeremy is a record-setting trial lawyer dedicated to representing and protecting people that have been the victims of negligence by both individuals and greedy corporations.   Jeremy has handled many death and serious injury cases involving everything from auto collisions to nursing home abuse, to dangerous drugs and medical devices.

Jeremy’s cases have been reported in newspaper headlines, and he has been personally featured on over 50 radio and television interviews.   He has been lead counsel on cases from Santa Rosa, California to New Jersey (and many states in between).

Jeremy is an invited member of several trial lawyer organizations including, the American Association for Justice (since 1996), the Consumer Attorneys of California, and many others.

In his years of practice, Jeremy saw that people often did not know how to go about finding the right lawyer for their case.  He witnessed other lawyers, inexperienced with certain types of cases and unwilling to admit this fact, failing for their clients. And in every instance he saw just how much the client suffered due to the lawyer’s lack of skills and experience. He made a commitment to himself that he would never be one of those lawyers; nor would anyone on his team. In addition, he began to offer his coaching services to inexperienced lawyers outside the firm.

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With over 25 years of combined legal experience, longtime friends and founding attorneys, Jeremy Fietz and Benjaman Adams, set out to build a unique Santa Rosa practice. We focus our practice on criminal law, serious personal injury and wrongful death claims.

We see our job as ‘problem solvers’. We have decades of experience presenting compelling cases before adjusters, judges and juries. We use this experience to achieve the best outcome for our clients.

Every member of the Adams Fietz team brings unique strengths to the firm and we don’t consider ourselves to be a stereotypical “stuffy” law office. We work hard for our clients while retaining a sense of humor and positive outlook on life. Visit the results page, or call 707-999-9999, to learn more about how we can work for you.

Sonoma County Town Hall Meeting - Jeremy Fietz - Insurance and Underinsured Claims

Sonoma County Full Town Hall Meeting

Sonoma County Fire Update

California utility regulators have told PG&E to preserve any evidence that could be connected to this week’s deadly wildfires in the North Bay, including all broken power poles and electrical conductors.

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